Mid-summer check in: are you meeting your goals?

Welcome to the heat of July.  This is a great time to briefly check in with yourself to see if you are meeting your summer goals. Goals come in all shapes and sizes (drink more water, exercise, read a book, decrease time online).  Where are you with your life and your goals, and what do you wish to adjust?

Away, Hill, Fields, Tree, Road, LonelyFor goals that are in progress, congrats!  You are moving toward your target!  Fantastic!  Way to be there!  How can you keep motivated? How can you acknowledge your successes?

For goals that you have already met: also fantastic!  Do you wish to add to the original goal or modify your target?

For goals that are lagging behind, what can we do to move you forward? What has been a barrier to success?  Motivation? Lack of resources? Need for social support? A wrench in your original plan?

What might work to keep you on track? Could be concrete rewards, personal reminders, phone reminders, or personal accountability.  Sometimes we just have to ask ourselves, “Is this the choice I was intending to make?” whereas other times in life we need far more support or guidance.

When you look back on this summer, it would be optimal of you could articulate what you experienced, what you accomplished, rather than offering a blank look and saying, “Mostly I played Fortnite.”  I suppose it is legit if you spent your summer à la Fortnite, if that was your goal, but I suspect that for many of my contacts, Fortnite is a highly reinforcing way to alleviate boredom, not a goal unto itself.

So, observe, assess, highlight your strengths, and then take a look at remaining goals.  Are you living the life you want to live?  If not, what can you gently modify so you can get where you want to be?

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