Staying motivated to meet your goals (Part 2 of 3)

Staying motivated

You’ve set a goal, and it is awesome. You are going to reach new heights, achieve great things, and be the person you were meant to be. Only thing is, the goal is going to take a bit of time to achieve, like maybe a few months or a semester, or a year!! How can you stay motivated over such a long period of time??


Try these idea to keep your motivation high:

Blurred athletes by a slow camera shutter speed are crossing the finish line after sprint trackDraw a challenge board (like bingo!)

  • Are you finding that you are less motivated than you wish? Put a mixture of easy and hard tasks on a bingo board and start challenging yourself. Maybe an easy square is taking the dog for a walk, but the challenging squares include going for a walk when the weather is undesirable (um, 10⁰ out?), or trying a new class at the gym. OR maybe you have a mixture of organizing your class notes, reading your class notes from your hardest class, or going to meet your instructor during office hours.

Pull a task from a hat

  • Don’t like bingo? Write challenges in slips of paper, and complete whatever task you pull out of the hat. (Hint – this also works for awful housekeeping tasks!)

Add a friend

  • Invite a friend to join you for part or all of the journey. Your friend will add in some support, and also may have some creative ways to keep motived or reach the goal.

Use technology

  • Use an app to join challenges, track your progress, or set mini goals. Maybe you want to walk a certain number of steps a day. Or set up a team/work challenge and try to walk further than the average number of steps produced by your work team.

Set at tiny goal

  • Maybe you are having a tough day and the notion of working toward your goal is too much for you. No worries, just agree to meet a tiny goal, such as walk around the block, or eat an apple. Or read your class notes for 5 minutes, or write a schedule for your week. Maybe if you can meet your tiny goal, you can set a second tiny goal.


You can do this!  Staying motivated requires a variety of approaches, lots of rewards, high fives, and acknowledgement of  both achievements and areas of friction.  Stay on it, and you will meet those awesome goals you identified for yourself!


If you would like help reaching your goals, please contact me and we’ll get your life on track!

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