How do you teach others about autism?

If you or your family member happens to live on the Autism Spectrum, you may find that you educate others about ASD frequently.  But how to capture the interpersonal confusion, the sensory overload, the special skills and interests, the need for solitude, and the need for friends?  You could spend hours talking to strangers in groups or 1:1 (oh, actually I do that!), or you could hand out cards that say “this is autism.” All legit.  Or you could use your phone to send a video and walk away.  (It would be optimal if you could send the video to those who need the education most without having to talk to them to get their phone #, but I don’t think technology is there, yet.  This tech is yet to be developed by an Aspie.)

This catchy little You Tube  video is quickly becoming my favorite go-to for explanations.  Take 5 minutes from your day, watch, ponder, and share with your friends. Maybe watch it twice.

My understanding is that this video was launched March 27, just a few days ago.  So timely for Autism Awareness Month!  How do you teach others about autism?  Send me your best videos and resources and I’ll post again!

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