Zoom zoom! Zoom therapy is the new norm.

Covid 19 has changed our lives in many ways, including Zoom appointments.  Here are some findings from last week:

  • Many of my clients are less stressed over all. They enjoy being at home, no longer face pressure to attend school, work in academic groups, or get a job.  Any stress related to dating or group hang outs (in person) is off!
  • I’ve (virtually) met a fair number of cats and dogs this week. While we could never get those cats into my traditional therapy room, it is great to see the soothing they bring to my clients in their own homes.
  • One of my clients said this was basically a dream come true: stay home, get work done on his preferred schedule, plenty of time for video games, etc.
  • The commute to therapy just got shorter! While we had some tech glitches, nobody commented on parking, traffic, or rude drivers!

Some challenges remain

  • Zoom is convenient and HIPAA compliant, but it doesn’t feel the same as sitting in the same room with my clients. This is both good and bad, depending upon which data set you seek.  I’m going with good, and I’ll navigate my less favorite parts.
  • Insurance: I bet insurance has some special rates in mind for teletherapy, or Zoom therapy, or whatever they decide to call it. Consider calling your insurance company before you send those invoices in, and be sure to tell them that this is a State Mandated Stay At Home order, not just a convenience thing.
  • Initial appointments via Zoom are…different. But they work!  And now that I work from home and I’m not sharing an office, I can actually see people 5 days a week.  If you have mental health needs, particularly those related to anxiety and/or Autism Spectrum, give me a call or send me an email. I can get you in.  (Before spring break I was saying “June, at the earliest.”  Hey, things change, and I can be more flexible now!)

Finally, because I always say these things:

  • Go outside, get some exercise, remain socially engaged
  • Breathe, try some exercise and meditation apps
  • Eat fruits and vegetables
  • Sunshine is good for you
  • Research says friends are also good for you! (Yes, 6 feet, 6 feet, but you aren’t leaving the house, anyhow, because you actually FOLLOW THE RULES)
  • Choose Covid FIT, not Covid Fat


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