Your appointment day has finally arrived!  You will finally be getting to meet a professional, or team of professionals, who can help with a diagnostic psychological evaluation.  What can you expect, and how can you prepare?  Here are some ideas to ponder before that first appointment: Who is evaluating your child? Will you be meeting […]

By the time a child has been referred for a diagnostic psychological evaluation, parents have often been put through the wringer.  Parents have worried about their child, tried things on their own (more strict, less strict, talking to their child, ignoring behavior, no sugar, all sugar!).  Parents eventually talk to the pediatrician, who either says […]

Got insurance woes? The December 2016 issue of Money ( magazine has a great article titled The High Cost of Coping.  This article confirms what many of you have said for years now: insurance companies treat mental health claims differently than physical health claims, it seems impossible to find a provider who is in network, […]

College + Autism…is this an equation that can it be solved?  Yes! The New York Times just published an article titled Along the Autism Spectrum, a Path Through Campus Life, highlighting college life for folks on the spectrum ( This important article highlights the path from high school to college, and the accompanying social challenges […]

I don’t know so much about money.  I know it doesn’t grow on trees.  I know insurance seems not to cover many treatments that my clients need.  And I know life is expensive.  That about sums up my knowledge. It appears we will have to do some learning together, specifically about ABLE accounts. While skimming […]

Check out what James Durbin from American Idol fame has to say about his life these days. There is a great photo of Mr. Durbin with his wife and kids, and a quick update on his music and symptoms.  (Reality check, I don’t get People magazine…another psychologist pointed the article out to me!)

Colorado’s Autism Society recently sent along some information regarding their services.  Below is a sampling of their offering: Opening Doors Program: partners with local and national businesses to provide comfortable places to dine, shop, and enjoy the community. Specific training designed to help employers as they employ individuals with disabilities. Autism 101: a training for […]

A new book, Life on the Autism Spectrum: A guide for girls and women by Karen McKibbin, appears to nail the female ASD experience.  This book is filled with clinical insights accompanied by quotes from women living on the spectrum.  For example, McKibbin describes the sensory overload in social situations, coupled with the need to […]

Check this out!  Google Glass is being used in clinical trials at Stanford, helping individuals with autism improve their ability to read facial expressions. The clinical studies ask participants to wear the glasses for three 20-minute sessions daily while interacting with family members.  The glasses detect emotional expression in the face, and adds a written […]

Bodies need exercise, particularly bodies with Autism and Asperger’s.  For many parents raising a child on the spectrum, your first concern is perhaps not exercise (I get that!), but maybe exercise can help reduce some of the other troubles your family is facing.  (To be fair, if you know me, I do happen to think […]