Raising your resilient child As always, I continue to seek strengths focused books to help my clients living on the Autism Spectrum. This week’s highlight is Raising Resilient Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Strategies for helping them maximize their strengths, cope with adversity, and develop a social mindset by Robert Brooks, PhD and Sam Goldstein, […]

Anxiety. Even the word makes me cringe a little. Anxiety is that voice in your head that tells you It Is as bad as you feared, maybe even worse. It is the signals your body sends: the increased heart rate, the difficulty breathing, the tense muscles, the stomachaches (and then your mind adding some tidbits […]

Rewarding yourself When establishing new habits, it is easy to stay motivated at first, and then life gets in the way. Someone gets sick, you don’t sleep well, there is an extra project at work, or maybe the weather changes (sunny, snowy, windy, doesn’t really matter, does it?!). It doesn’t take much to derail a […]

Autism in Love, a Documentary by Matt Fuller   This amazing documentary outlines the romantic lives of 4 adults living on the Autism Spectrum. An honest portrayal of love, life, and living on the Spectrum, this documentary highlights the successes and struggles of being in love, complete with a range of emotion (confusion, sadness, and […]

Planning a party for a child or teen on the Autism Spectrum?  Fear not! While wandering the stacks of the public library, I happened upon the book Party Planning for Children and Teens on the Autism Spectrum: How to avoid meltdowns and have fun! By Kate E Reynolds. Honestly, I don’t know why this book […]

Helping Children Learn about Autism I field many questions about teaching children about Autism. Sometimes the request is “please teach my child about his/her own Autism” and sometimes it is “teach my child about his/her sibling’s Autism.” Given the rates of Autism in our community, it is very likely that your child will meet someone […]

Staying motivated You’ve set a goal, and it is awesome. You are going to reach new heights, achieve great things, and be the person you were meant to be. Only thing is, the goal is going to take a bit of time to achieve, like maybe a few months or a semester, or a year!! […]

New Year’s Resolution = A Goal Setting Opportunity Goals are good, but how will you get there? January 1 often presents an opportunity to think about setting goals, getting healthy, and challenging yourself. If you listen carefully at that New Year’s Party, you will hear statements such as: I am going to lose weight, feel […]

Should women take antidepressants during pregnancy?  What are the risks of taking medication?  What are the risks of NOT treating depression during pregnancy?   A recent study examines the impact of using antidepressants during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy.  While the study found a CORRELATION between use of antidepressants and the later diagnosis […]

Dr. Temple Grandin makes the news again!  Dr. Grandin makes a point of mingling with her audience members, and helps to shine a light on what it means to live on the Autism Spectrum.  Dr. Grandin serves as an outstanding example of what it means to make a passion into a career, and to influence […]