Asperger’s from the Inside Out

When I was in grad school there were two books about Asperger’s.  I owned them both.  I still own them, as a reminder of how far we have come (and with the hope that we keep moving forward).  Now, I look for books about adults (remember when only kids could have Asperger’s?!), preferably written by people on the spectrum.  Michael John Carley’s book Asperger’s from the Inside Out is one of those top notch books that will be on and off my shelf repeatedly.

1518450Published in 2008, Carley’s book provides a great deal of accurate information about living on the spectrum, from the perspective of an adult, generally written for adults.  The book reviews topics such as disclosing a diagnosis, jobs, and sex.  As you already know, Carley has a book dedicated to employment (Unemployed on the Autism Spectrum), and forthcoming book about sex (thank goodness!).  This book has a section about reviewing the past in light of a diagnosis of ASD, and forgiveness (of the mistakes the person with ASD made, as well as forgiving mistakes made by family, friends, and teachers).  There is also a discussion about a formal diagnosis versus a self-diagnosis (a frequent topic in my office).  Carley consistently offers multiple points of view, an understanding tone in his writing, and a mature perspective.  And Carley offers great resources!

Given the publication date, you might be tempted to track down a newer book.  Don’t be fooled. Carley’s ideas are timeless, and given the quality of his writing, this book is not to be missed.

This book is well written, well researched, and soon to be well loved.  We are creating a lending library, and Carley’s two current books are part of the library.  A special thank you to Carley for GIVING us the copies of his books to share with our community!

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