A College Guide for Students on the Spectrum

Heading to college?  This 80-page FREE guide will be a must readFinding your Way: A College Guide for Students on the Spectrum by the Organization for Autism Research is yet another outstanding publication for folks on the spectrum.

College Guide_CoverFinding Your Way combines direct advice (see/memorize page 6, the legal differences between High School and College and the impact on supports) with mini-interviews of people on the spectrum who have survived and thrived the college experience. Self-advocacy, accommodations, and disclosure are mentioned repeatedly and in a supportive manner. Articles written by college students really bring the material to life.

As a college student, you will need to establish your own routines, manage academic demands, complete major assignments, and manage your personal life (social life! And also dishes, laundry, gym).  You will need to find a way to create a home at college, on campus or off, and muddle through roommate situations, forming new friendships, and deciding how to use your free time. There are some great quizzes to sort out what type of roommate situation might be best for you, as well as to determine how ready you are to perform the duties of adulthood (get yourself up, remind yourself to shower, etc.). This book will quickly become a go-to reference, as well as an anxiety-reducing resource for the before-the-event jitters.

This outstanding FREE guide has a positive, practical focus.  Download this today, or request a paper copy.  My office now has a couple of copies available to peruse while you wait for your appointment 🙂

Thank you OAR for continuing to produce such fantastic resources!




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