Get a JOB!

How many times have we had this conversation?  So, you are looking for work?  How long you been lookin’? Any bites? Hundreds of applications and no job?  Clearly, there is something wrong with you!

OR maybe there is something amiss with the hiring process!  Increasingly, there are companies looking to hire people with an Autism diagnosis, noting their out of the box thinking, ability to focus, and ability to see details that others miss.

I frequently hear from adults on the spectrum that they are looking and looking for jobs, getting discouraged, and feeling the pressure from their family members to get a job!  Often, people end up settling into a less than fulfilling position to pay the bills, but not making friends at work, not being able to showcase their talent, and still feeling frustrated. This unpleasant cycle leaves discouraged people now showing up at job interviews, and, shockingly, still not getting the job.  Stuck, frustrated, underemployed, and now depressed and anxious…and I still think this is a broken part of the hiring process, not a broken person.

Sound like you?  Let’s sort this out.  I’m done with my college graduates unloading trucks and bagging groceries. Let’s figure out how to get access to meaningful work, consistent with your education and passions, and get you connected.

Check out this CBS article/video clip.  Get a handle on your true skills, and let’s find an employer who wants you for you, not “despite your autism.”  I want you to be celebrated!


Also, thank you to Emily Daniels for forwarding the CBS news clip.  If you have not yet met Emily, find her at the Autism Resource Fair in Fort Collins on April 15th, noon-4 at the Museum of Discovery.

If you find other interesting news clips, feel free to send them along.  Maybe they will become a blog post!




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