Sisterhood of the Spectrum

Dear Aspermoms: I have a book for you and your daughters to read!  (Honestly, you don’t have to be on the spectrum to benefit from this book.  I felt better reading Jennifer’s ideas! Thanks, Jennifer!)  Sisterhood of the Spectrum: An Asperger Chick’s Guide to Life by Jennifer Cook O’Toole is your next read.  The weather looks perfect for reading, so cozy up with this book!

Written in the style of the Asperkid series, O’Toole once again knocks it out of the Sisterhood park with her honesty, wit, and practicality.  Grounded in her lived experience and professional training, Jennifer offer a positive, pragmatic tone, with straightforward advice, helpful hints, and some ways to rewrite self-talk into something more appropriate/honest/positive. (My favorite: “No” is a complete sentence.)

O’Toole does not condescend – she offers examples of her own mis-steps and found knowledge.  She is able to tackle some very uncomfortable topics because she acknowledges that she has already experienced these touchy subjects (bad boyfriends, appearing arrogant – unintentionally, and struggling to read social interactions in the complex land of GIRLS/women). She elegantly explains why some vulnerable girls might accept any behavior in a friendship/dating relationship, and how to read the signs of abuse in friendships. She talks about boundaries, supportive friendships, and signs of someone crossing the line, AND then she suggests how to handle it, including preserving self esteem and dignity, asking for help, and finding true friends. Written in an approachable, informative yet breezy style, this book is exceptional.

From bullies and bras and boyfriends to confidence, creativity, and enthusiasm for life, O’Toole has written a special book intended for the most misunderstood of the spectrum – smart girls and women. Find this book for the Asperger Chick in your life, or read it for yourself, but read it today.



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