A moment of professional gratitude

Sidestepping the whole “meaning of Thanksgiving” quandary, I do want to take a moment to express gratitude for some professional accomplishments this year.  One year ago I was prone, recovering from Salmonella poisoning (poisoning? Infection? Ridiculousness??).  In any event, I was pretty sick, plotting out a book, and working on timelines for the office renovation. I had quite a bit going on, my stress was high, my health was poor, and yet…

  • The book was merely an idea last year. By Jan 2019 we had a contract, and this fall we had a manuscript.  That book should roll out next year (timeline unclear…but we will make announcements as the timeline shapes up!).  This third book is a powerhouse of talent, coaxed into a book by Dr. Hecker’s fine editing skills.  This book (title yet to be determined, hence the odd reference) includes 49 contributors (!) from across the globe.  I now have new friends and renewed friendships with a variety of folks, people with immeasurable talent and passion for understanding and helping folks with autism.  That book could not be a reality without those contributors sharing their insights.  Thanks!!
  • My clients rock. I will continue to say that I have the best clients in town: kind, compassionate, loyal, good friends, and passionate.  I am lucky to have such a diverse work experience as my clients continue to teach me about what is important in life.
  • My office mates also rock. There are now 7 of us sharing 4 offices. My office mates sometimes tend to my clients, and always tend to each other.  We have created a supportive, unique experience, the likes of which I have not previously experienced on this magnitude.  Great work, friends!
  • The office space went from a dream to a reality. Years ago Mallory pitched the idea of a Social Learning clinic with many disciplines and lots of flexibility.  Finding the space was a challenge; finding the talent was blissfully simple. We now share a renovated space that serves us well, and allows us to serve our community.

What a difference a year makes, particularly when viewed with an eye toward gratitude: no more salmonella, a book that is more book than book concept, an office with friends, and the best clients ever. What might next year bring?


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