The siblings of autism

While we often talk about taking care of the person with autism, sometimes referencing the individual’s parents/impact on marriage, we often seem to “forget” the siblings.  We know that siblings can have mixed feelings about the impact of autism on the family.  Sometimes a sibling with autism is the most loyal playmate ever, but sometimes they can behave in embarrassing ways or seem to take up too much attention.  Or sometimes the sibling without autism has feeling of guilt about what they can do that their sibling cannot yet do.  The Organization for Autism Research (OAR) has 3 short books available for siblings that explore the impact of autism on sibling life.  The books are honest and forthright, and kind and supportive. These books are available for download or to order for FREE. Parent Sibling Guide

  • Autism, my sibling, and me
  • Brothers, sisters, and autism: a parent’s guide to supporting siblings
  • Life as an autism sibling: a guide for teens

These 3 slim, well organized, and visually appealing volumes are packed with helpful information, perspectives, and normalizing/support.  They are printed on sturdy paper, so for treatment providers, you can share these gems again and again.  If you can’t wait for the paper version to arrive, download the books!

TeenCoverWhile you are on the OAR website, poke around for a bit and learn about their other fabulous offerings!  I emailed with their staff a few times, and the team members seem as amazing as the work they are doing in the world of autism (research grants! scholarships!).







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