Unemployed on the Autism Spectrum

The rates of unemployment and underemployment for adults on the Autism Spectrum are staggeringly high.  It is estimated that 80-85% of all people on the spectrum are un- or underemployed, and 50% of individuals at the higher functioning end of the spectrum are un- or underemployed.  Ouch.  For my clients – 50%!  Can that possibly be true?  Based on what my adult clients are saying, YES those numbers are accurate.

What to do in the face of these unpleasant statistics?  Happily, Michael John Carley’s outstanding book Unemployed on the Autism Spectrum: How to Cope Productively with the Effects of Unemployment and Jobhunt with Confidence is here to help!  This well written, forthright book offers clear advice about neurotypical expectations, fatigue, and strategy.  Filled with quotes that will resonate with readers, this book acknowledges all aspects of joblessness (stress, anxiety, the impact on the person and family members, and the need for strategy and hope).  Mr. Carley has chapters dedicated to the grim statistics, emotional management, financial management, and changing self-talk.  Mr. Carley also touches on cultural expectations (beyond neurotypical expectations!).

This is an outstanding book that adults on the spectrum (and their family members) will want to access when faced with joblessness.  My favorite part of this book is actually not about the content.  Mr. Carley gave us a signed copy to include in our Lending Library!!  While the content of the book is outstanding, I want to clearly express my gratitude to Mr. Carley for donating TWO of his books for lending in our community.

You can find Mr. Carley at https://www.michaeljohncarley.com/.  In addition to exceptional writing skills, he gives a great interview, and he has another book due out in about a year about sexuality.  (YES!  We need better books about sexuality and the autism spectrum!)

Thank you, Mr. Carley, for being an innovator and an educator on such important topics.  And I appreciate your generosity.


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