New Digs! We are now in our new location at 1302 South Shields A 2-1.

Following a whirlwind of activity, we are now settling in at the new office.  We worked hard for a month, ripping our carpet and trim, painting, installing new flooring and trim, and then moving our furniture to the new space.  We think you will like your experience here.

A heartfelt thank you to my office mates and their families; you helped tirelessly with less than fun tasks: painting walls and trim, going to the dump, spackling holes.  The floors were fun, though!  And your decorative touches are fantastic!

Thank you to my husband and daughter (and her friends).  We would not be in this space if you had not given up all of your free time and a bit of sanity.  To our daughter: Thanks for teaching the grownups how to do flooring! I promise to behave like a sane wife and mother going forward.

Thanks to Viktor DeLeon/Richard Gere for painting the doors.  They look great!

Thanks to Dave Nardi for providing heat.  The heater was from 1982 and drew its final breath this week.  Dave arrived within 10 minutes, made a plan, and replaced the heater asap.

Finally, thank you to my clients and their families.  Your patience during this time of transition has been much appreciated.  I know the new office represents a change, and I know you can handle this change.  This should be the last time we move.  We now have parking, an unlocked front door, and are in a proper work space.  There are many benefits this location. See you soon!

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