Our new office and new groups

Our new offices will be ready in a few days.  The space is looking quite fantastic, thanks to the hard work of a few key people.  Transforming the new space has truly become a team project.  Go team!

Our new space will allow for a few changes, including more groups and the addition of a new teammate, Dr. Sara Colorosa (more on Dr. Colorosa in a future post).

A few new groups:

  • Yoga for Gamers by Dr. Hecker. We know that gamers often struggle with poor posture and have been known to substitute gaming for in person relationships.  Parents often want their adolescents to cut back on games and get more active or socialize, but sometimes their offspring lack the skills. Dr. Hecker will blend her yoga training with a sense of humor, gaming poses, and social/friendship skill.  Classes are small (5-6 participants, MAX).  Please contact Dr. Hecker to sign your teen up: HeckerCounseling.com
  • Partnered with someone on the spectrum? Loving an adult on the spectrum can be a lovely thing, and it can be perplexing and frustrating. Connect with other partners on the spectrum to nudge the needle back to lovely.  Contact Dr. Hecker: HeckerCounseling.com
  • Sibling support. Being the sibling to an individual with ASD is a unique position that can bring both pride and pain. Siblings often benefit from additional support for their key role.  New groups are being offered in 2019 by Emily Daniels.  Contact Emily at DanielsCounseling.com
  • Young elementary skills group. Intended for children in grades Kindergarten through grade 2, this group helps with friendship skills, playing, and the group plan. Space is limited.  Contact Mallory Griffith via MalloryGriffithSLP.com.

Additional groups can be found on our shared site: www.TheSocialLearningProject.com

See you soon at the new office: 1302 South Shields, A 2-1.  We have a parking lot!  When you face the building, enter via the north set of glass doors and head upstairs.  We have a proper waiting room waiting for you.


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