Did you know those ASC groups are run by volunteers?!

On this bright, shiny, blue sky day, I offer a list of gratitude for the ASC groups (sponsored by a nice run and caffeine):

  1. I am so appreciative that the Autism Society of Colorado (ASC) is offering FREE groups for adults on the spectrum. The groups were so popular that they had to split into two groups.  You read that correctly: adults actually want to connect.  We just have to provide the right circumstances, and ASC did just that.
    1. I have a bunch of clients in those groups. I’m so grateful that the groups are available to my folks!
    2. The group members are connecting between meetings, a signal that there is a powerful connection in these groups.
  2. These ASC groups are run by volunteers. In the midst of a pandemic, when clinicians are very busy tending to the mental health of others, there are 4 people actively moderating the groups:
    1. Hanna Griffin, OT/RL,
    2. Helen Nychka, SLP,
    3. Caren Rhodes-Doudna, PhD and
    4. Kathy Cuhlane-Shelburne, PhD. 
    5. A huge shout out to these folks for somehow finding time to share their time and talent with the community.  This is a Big Deal.
  3. A high five to Cari Merritt, PhD.  Cari responds to all inquiries about the group, sets the topic and manages breakout rooms with in the group, schedules guest speakers, and set up and manages a Slack channel for all of the adult groups…She is a rock star!
  4. I’m also thankful for Lea Anne Paskvalich, the director of ASC and founder of Next Steps Consulting. Lea Anne brought these groups to my attention, and has answered endless questions for me (Who can see this client? Can you modify the group this way? Can you do more groups? Do you have a magic wand?).  Lea Anne seems to know everyone, and is well grounded in practical resources.  (Full disclosure, she is also a contributor to our book!  She rocked her chapter!)
  5. Finally, for this public list of gratitude, I’m thankful for my clients! I have the BEST clients, caring, empathic, and willing to teach me how to be a better therapist.  They send me links, resources, tell me when info is incorrect, and also trust that I will hear their feedback.  Great job, go team!

Have a lovely day.  Go outside.  It is sunny.



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