Put your stimulus $ in an ABLE account!

Able accounts are saving accounts for populations of people with disabilities.  They help you save money without losing your federal benefits such as SSI and Medicaid. Do you qualify for an ABLE account?

Get $50 the month of April when you open a ColoradoABLE account.


-Eligible for ColoradoABLE account

-US citizen and Colorado resident

-New ColoradoABLE account opened in April 2021

-The account in good order to receive funds dispersed in May 2021.

Reminder, you can only have one ABLE account at a time.  If you recently received stimulus money and are worried about losing your federal benefits, now is the time to open a ColoradoABLE account!  Check www.ColoradoABLE.org for details.

Questions call Michael Keglovits 303-376-8833.


(I copied this from an email.  I wrote none of the words myself. I know relatively nothing about ABLE accounts, but it sounds important!)

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