New Groups for the New Year!

We have several new groups starting in January, with groups designed to match the best aspects of our other, very popular groups.

New groups

  • For Teens
    • Spectra-Teens, starting January 22, 4:40-5:30 pm – This group provides support to high schoolers on the autism spectrum and gifted/talented, with topics derived by group member’s needs and interests such as making and keeping friends, dating, college, getting along with family, organizing, and managing conflict.
  • For Young Adults
    • Young Adult Group, starting January 22, 6- 7 pm – This group will tackle questions from participants for things such as how to get out of my parent’s home, how to handle conflict with a roommate or coworkers, how much money do I need to make, and how do I increase my independence?
      • I heard that some of our high school seniors will be invited to participate in this group! If you have a high school senior, please consider when you want to start transitioning your offspring from high school services to “adult” services.
      • Please contact Dr. Colorosa or Dr. Hecker to register for the group

Ongoing groups

  • For Teens
    • “The High School Group” with Mallory Griffith will continue to be held on Thursday nights at 5:30pm.
      • Please contact Mallory if you are interested in having your teen in the group. This is a very popular group and is generally full, but has the occasional opening.
  • For Adults
    • The Problem Solving Group – meets Wednesdays at noon – This group addresses the challenges of Adulting, including roommates, jobs, college, financial questions, dating, making friends as an adult, and hobbies.


** Of note, the first time in a group is generally free, to see if this is a good fit.  No pressure! Also, it is best if you contact the person in charge of the group rather than just showing up.  The general comment from my clients has been, “I was so anxious, but the people in the group were so nice!”  Don’t let anxiety hold you back!  Try a new group today.


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