Do you take Medicaid?

There is possibly no question in the life of a therapist that will bring more disappointment, discomfort, or a faster end to a conversation than, “Do you take Medicaid?”

Here is a quick primer on the Medicaid situation in Fort Collins.  I’m open to corrections, but I think I have this info in its most accurate form:

  • Some providers have a contract with Medicaid; some do not.
    • If the provider does not take Medicaid and you have Medicaid, you cannot work with the provider, even if you arrive with a pocket full of cash.  There are two primary reasons you cannot work around the rules of Medicaid:
      • The provider can incur fines if you two get caught and, more importantly
      • You can lose your Medicaid benefits if you get caught!
    • The decision to accept the Medicaid contract is a highly personal choice. The providers I’ve spoken with tend to think quite a bit about the Medicaid situation, and do not make the decision lightly.
  • The two major institutions in Fort Collins accepting Medicaid for mental health services are

It can be extremely frustrating to call so many therapists in an attempt to secure mental health services.  Please know that many therapists are just generally full, a variable that is independent from the decision to contract with Medicaid (or any insurance). I’ve heard great things about the programs through the Health District (Connections Mental Health  – for adults, and CAYAC for children and adolescents).  You can find a provider, but it will require persistence.  You.can.do.this!

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