Awards for TWO local providers!

For those of you who visit the office, you are probably aware that there is a team of writers in Fort Collins that contributes to the international publication Autism Parenting Magazine.  The most recent edition was released last week, including awards for two of the Fort Collins contributors!

Here is a little excerpt from the mag:

As you may know, when the magazine received the respected Gold Award from the Mom’s Choice Awards® a few years ago, we made it a tradition to give out hand-picked awards to contributors. Our magazine has since been ranked #5 for Top 20 Parenting Magazines and Ezines to Follow from thousands of parenting magazines on the web.

Here is the great part: Mallory Griffith, our favorite Speech Language Pathologist, received an award! She was identified as the top Speech Language Pathologist of the year! (A funny aside, I sent her a text to congratulate her on what happened to be, coincidentally, her very first day back from maternity leave.)  Of course, we all know Mallory is the best, but is sure is nice to know that someone in England would say the same.

Click here if you would like to read about Mallory’s contributions and award.  If you would like to be a contributor to that magazine (and honestly, I bet you DO have something to contribute…the question is can you make the time…and perhaps…how brave are you), just follow the links and pitch a story.

Congrats to Mallory for being the Best Speech Language Pathologist.  She makes a difference in our lives, and we are so glad to have her back in the office. What a way to mark a return to work!


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