Checking in regarding those goals you set in January…

January has come to a close, and those pesky Resolutions are out the window.  Luckily, you went with the idea of monthly, weekly, and daily goals rather than resolutions.  Whew!  Just a quick check in, then…how are those goals coming along?  Need some inspiration?

  • Were your goals too hard? No problem – just make your weekly and daily goals smaller, and keep the overall flavor of your big goal.
  • Were your goals too easy? Great!  Good work!  Upgrade your goals to challenge yourself. Feel free to add an entire category of goals if you have that much energy.
  • Motivational difficulties?
    • See if you can identify the thing that keeps you stuck and then identify a solution that you have used in the past. Common areas of concern include:
      • Difficulties with task initiation
      • Failing to save adequate time in your schedule
      • Assigning a low priority to key items (ahem, Facebook is NOT more important than exercise, and you DO have time in your schedule to exercise for a few minutes!)
      • Anxiety – sometimes anxiety and stress keep people from starting on goals
      • Lack of confidence, self-esteem, courage…
      • Overabundance of self-criticism, negative self-talk…
    • Technical difficulties?
      • Perhaps you were ill, or had company. Perhaps you were assigned additional tasks at work or school that delayed your start on your own goals.  No worries.  You can start today.  No penalties for last initiation!
      • Perhaps you realized that you lack a necessary tool or education. No problem, you can overcome this hurdle and get back on track.
    • Have you thought about rewarding yourself for the progress you made toward your goal?
      • With any luck you are not in the same place you were the first week of January. Can you see the difference?  Can you jot down some notes on changes you see?  (Maybe you wrote chapter 1 of your novel…or left the house to socialize 2 times…it all counts!  Write it down to help you see your progress.)
      • What rewards you? Have you offered yourself that reward for progress toward your goals??

Reaching goals, as you know, is just a thousand tiny steps in a particular direction.  What can you accomplish today to help you reach your goal?  If you need help, give me a call!

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