Spectrum of Solutions – our new book

Dr. Hecker and I are proud to announce that our book, A Spectrum of Solutions for Clients with Autism: Treatment for Adolescents and Adults, is coming along nicely!  We are meeting all of the deadlines in our contract with Routledge.  We have 50 (!) contributors in this book, ranging from people with autism, to professors, to professors with autism.

A Spectrum of Solutions for Clients with Autism: Treatment for Adolescents and Adults has 15 topical areas, including individual therapy, family therapy, a need to include siblings, speech language, occupational therapy, education, work, medical care, financial care, and launching.

This book is a result of hours of work on the part of our contributors and Dr. Hecker.  Hecker took the lead role of editing, somehow helping disparate chapters into a coherent whole that is a book like none other.  (I was on herding of cats and comic relief.)

Routledge is accepting pre-orders now! Books will ship after June 17th (according to the website).  There is an ebook coming, if you prefer your books without paper.

A huge thank you to our contributors.  This book would not be possible without the time and energy freely offered by our contributors.  And a huge thank you to Dr. Hecker for her tireless efforts in shaping the chapters into a book.

Dr. Hecker and I plan to celebrate the release of the book. We are open to suggestions about how to celebrate. The current favorite plan is a hot air balloon ride (taking things to new heights!), or a trip to someplace exciting, like Australia, to meet some contributors and learn from the masters.  If you have ideas, please let us know!

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