The Autism Resource Fair starts April 25 at noon. Be there.

Fun fact: I posted this waaay too early and now have more info to share:) Please note, the graphic WILL be updated to correct typos and such.  AND I’ll update you here when I’ve updated things (ahem, last updated 4/13 at 6:30 pm, and then again at 7:30pm).
The Fort Collins Autism Resource will be launched on Sunday, April 25th at 12pm. This is because the host (Emily Daniels) is thrilled to have comedienne and ASD self-advocate, Hannah Gadsby, provide a welcome to all who attend.
Please note that the website will not be live until the 25th. After the welcome, folks can explore “virtual rooms” where they can find services for various categories (i.e. education, therapy, advocacy, etc.). When participants enter a “room,” they will see the individual service providers they are looking for that relate to that category. Each provider has a clickable page (complete with general information, contact information, and a video describing the organization/provider). Participants can visit as many services as they would like. Once the site is up, folks can access it at their convenience.
This page will continue to be up for a year.  Throughout the year, the website will host webinars and parent groups for the community.
Way to go Emily!!  Thank you, Emily Daniels, for hosting this massive event all by yourself, again this year.  IDK where you get the energy, but we all benefit from your creative ideas and willingness to create things out of thin air. Thank you!
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