Are you ready for school? Mental Prep is key!

If you are a parent, you might be counting down the days/weeks until school resumes.  If you are a student, you might be savoring these last days of summer.  You can savor and prep at the same time!

Last week’s blog post was about getting your items organized for school.  This week’s focus is getting mentally prepared for school, and preparing for some developmental growth/challenges.

  • Are you ready for school?
    • Do you know the name of your school, your schedule, what time school starts/ends?
    • What classes interest you? When might it be hard to pay attention?
    • Do you know where your locker is? Can you use a combo lock?
  • Socially, are you ready?
    • Who will you see?
    • Can you reconnect with some friends now, and make some casual plans for just prior to school, and for the first day of school?
    • Can you compare schedules and see what classes you have in common?
    • Can you meet for lunch on that critical first day?
    • When people ask, “What did you do this summer?” WHAT will you say?
    • Can you remember to ask others “What did you do this summer?”
  • Have you considered how you will balance school and life? When will you exercise? Socialize? Sleep?
    • Would a color coded schedule help you?
  • What developmental tasks can you tackle this year?
    • Can you get yourself up? Can you set a reasonable schedule for yourself?
    • Can you self-motivate regarding assignments?
    • Is this the year you start to ask for help on your own? Learn to self-advocate?
    • Can you write some goals for yourself for the first week/month/semester of school?

Mental prep is the key to success in many areas.  How can you get yourself ready for school (read LIFE)? How can you challenge yourself to take the next developmental step??


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