School readiness comes down to organization of items and mental prep

Even though we are in the midst of the hot days of summer, it is already time to get some folks ready for school.  As I was informed earlier this week, some schools start as early as Aug 10th!  This alarming bit of data prompted a great discussion about school readiness and transitions.

How will you (or your student) prep for the new semester?  School readiness comes down to organization of items (this week!) and mental prep (our next blog).  Here are some ideas:

  • Get your supplies organized
    • You need school supplies. Get or make a list.  Use online resources to find your favorite supplies at the right price.  Order online or go to the store, either way, take responsibility for getting your own items.
    • Parents: let your students struggle with the list and getting organized. Don’t “save them” unless you are planning to attend college with them.  Let them feel some discomfort or angst.  This is just school supplies!
    • Parents: Recognize that your student may not feel ready to get school supplies quite yet. The accumulation of supplies signals the start of school, and for some students, they are truly hoping to avoid the reminder! Recognize that you two have differing points of view; practice patience and gentle reminders.
    • Parents: consider a budget. If your child spends less than the budget, they get to keep the balance.  If they just MUST have that expensive doodad, then I guess they have to have a less expensive something else or spend their own money!
    • Students: time will pass whether or not you buy school supplies. Might as well shop early and get what you want.  Shopping early does not mean you are “excited to go to school” or that you want to rush the end of summer.  You are just knocking out a task and reducing parental angst/nagging.


Can you get organized and ready for school without tripping into anxiety?  I say yes.  Try it and see!

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