Should women take antidepressants during pregnancy?  What are the risks of taking medication?  What are the risks of NOT treating depression during pregnancy?   A recent study examines the impact of using antidepressants during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy.  While the study found a CORRELATION between use of antidepressants and the later diagnosis […]

Dr. Temple Grandin makes the news again!  Dr. Grandin makes a point of mingling with her audience members, and helps to shine a light on what it means to live on the Autism Spectrum.  Dr. Grandin serves as an outstanding example of what it means to make a passion into a career, and to influence […]

Movie time!  Kids like movies, but sometimes people with sensory difficulties struggle with the traditional movie scene.  The movies are so LOUD!  The theaters are so DARK!  And you are supposed to be quiet.  What is a family with Autism to do? Living in Fort Collins, we are lucky to have AMC.  AMC has partnered […]

The Journal of Best Practices: A memoir of marriage, Asperger’s Syndrome, and one man’s quest to be a better husband by David Finch I first heard David and Kristen Finch on This American Life, one of my two favorite shows on NPR. During the course of the show, David and Kristen each described what it […]